MAC-669 (Multi-fuctional Android Combat Unit #669)

Fully Functional Combat Android




MAC-669, commonly called MAC or 66 by other Armored Brigade Members is a recent addition to the dome after a successful scavenging mission turned up numerous Military Grade supplies, equipment and even refining gear for making fuel.

MAC-669 was discovered and accidentally activated during the recovery, luckily the Armored Brigade still bore scannable identification markers which made MAC-669 Friendly to them and easy to command. MAC-669 has an easy going nature and rather helpful subroutine programmed into its systems already and is commonly found working around the clock in colony to assist with duties and ensures Armored Brigade assets are at peak efficiency. MK-669 utilize one two hour shutdown period every three days to recharge, which noticeably reduces the power grid for those few hours. However during the last few raider attacks it not only defended the colony but captured over two dozen raiders, their vehicles and supplies. A major win for Gargantia along with the fact that MAC-669 has a pre-programmed library of the Laws of the US downloaded. Coupled with spending a week learning the laws of the colony from the Judicial arm MAC-669 dispensed immediate judgement on the captured raiders, those that lived were subjected to immediate hard labor with the benefit of civilianship if they performed admirably.

Because of MAC-669 the Armored Brigade and the Judges have garnered increasing respect and the Judges have more or less formed a mutual alliance with the Armored Brigade so long as they can utilize MAC-669 when needed.

MAC-669 has been compiling what it knows into data disks for the Domes utilization in the upkeep of their equipment, structure and day to day improvements despite lack of specialized supplies.

MAC’s involvement in the Expedition was at first heavily resented by those that find its service of the utmost importance. It was MAC itself that formulated the argument of sending ones greatest assets in times of utmost need to ensure mission success ratios. An argument that few, if any, could willfully ignore as the Dome was at the tipping point.

The Striker vehicle the Expedition Team is utilizing is the same vehicle that MAC has recently captured and been restoring from a Raider attack. It an amphibious assault vehicle with multiple armaments and decent protection for soft targets. An all around decent and heavily armored but self contained strike vehicle.

MAC-669 (Multi-fuctional Android Combat Unit #669)

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