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Pre-Gate Delving Team Assembly and Briefing

The three main factions within Gargantia were surprised, horrified and intrigued by the appearance of the phenomenon outside the dome. Seeing an entire section of city ruins. Equivalent to an entire city block disappear and being replaced by a Nothingness was more shocking than the ever present storms or pillaging raiders. It was several hours before the Syndicate and The Judges had recovered enough to act. While those factions were busy running around erratically, the Armored Brigade had already restored peace by marshalling additional manpower to defend the outer walls. This nothingness may have got the drop on them but it would not intimidate the Armored Brigade for long. Long range cannons, timeworn laser weaponry that had been recently renewed in the militaries hangers, were trained on the anomaly in case something tried to threaten the Dome.

Within a day a strategic meeting was held between the three branches to determine their next step forward. As expected the Brigade had already began assembling an Exploratory team to investigate the anomaly. Not wanting to be left out the other branches stressed the importance of making it a coalition effort in the guise of keeping the population calm. Specific members were chosen to be part of this Exploration Team.

One from each branch and one minority Republic group that represented the public interest in regards to the main three branches constant power struggle.

The Armored Brigades MAC-669 Android would be assisting the mission, along with Sergeant Adrian Von. who is in charge of leading the expedition and would be focused on the well being of the squad and overall assessment of the missions findings..
The Freeman’s Electoral Reporter would be responsible for supporting and reporting the mission details.
The Judge’s Inquisitor would ensure the laws were followed on either side of the gate to ensure Justice and order prevailed.
The Constitutional Commonwealth’s Agent would assess any resources and possible alliances for the Dome.

Aside from the representatives they would be equipped with whatever vehicles, equipment and supplies could be made available.

The power struggle continued until Adrian Von. took charge and listed what he needed for the journey.

He choose a Mark II Striker, a vehicle well past its prime and if lost wouldn’t be sorely missed. The equipment he chose was of similar make, time worn objects with limited functionality and operation time before they too would be useless. He chose only enough supplies to reach the gate, an exploration time of three days with enough for a return trip.

This soldiers prudent planning was justified easily enough though the utilization of MAC-669 made many fluster at the possible loss of such a fantastic technological relic. Adrians words though made many reconsider voicing opposition further. “We don’t know what or where this gate leads, better to send less and if lost not regret the decision in regards to supplies. However it takes skilled manpower to make such supplies last, to ensure mission critical objects are met in a timely and orderly fashion. With the five of us we can make the journey and back again on time. MAC will provide the support needed and if everything goes sideways then MAC will be the bearer of the dead and the Dome will have its answer about what lies beyond the gate.” It was an unassailable point and garnered the Armored Brigade much respect as the expedition leader refused to budge on the issue and when pressed was supported by the logical and thoughtful MAC-669.

If anything could survive the gate it would be MAC-669 a recently found relic but inexhaustible and near indestructible machine relic from nearly five decades ago.

Sub-Inquisitor Expeditionary Log

At the behest of the order I am to accompany the Expeditionary team and ensure justice is upheld if something actually lies on the other side of this Gate.

Until then my inital summary of this group is mixed.

Saress Ren – Bears watching, she reeks of blood to me and I do not trust her. Her backers are even more the reason for my heightened wariness of her presence. If she so much as tries to move on us I will kill her without hesitation or regret.

Amanda Marshall – Broken and fake. It is obvious that she suffered deep trauma, her history is brutal and she is a survivor. Though she has performed great works I found my trust in her lacking. If she doesn’t run from the first fight I will be proven wrong until then I believe her to be a coward and a liar.

Adrian Cadwallader – Her last name calls her a Wall and I hope she lives upto the name of her parents. They were immovable like a stone and so far I am not disappointed in her preparations. Though where the tires meet the road will we know the rub. I pray she doesn’t disappoint me.

MAC-669 – A fascinating machine and dedicated as expected. Nothing else to add, its an Android and does as its is told or programmed to.

MAC-669 Initial Post Expedition Summary

Server FSCO:


After examining the supplies located and disarmed a GPS Tracking that was attached to the undercarriage of Striker MK II LAT.

Supplies are as requested and untampered with, initial scanning indicate GPS Tracker is only aberration in setup.

Fuel is of approximate density and weight for optimal runtime and engine efficiency in Striker.

Striker is secure, run time of 12 hours showed no leaks in engine housing or failure to perform 6 part air exchange rate for optimal HVAC needs for occupants.

Completed Minor upgrade to reinforce and expand occupant housing in the even of having to use the Striker for cover at night.

Sergeant Adria has confirmed supply quantities and initial tampering report.

initial summary of Gate Phenomenon:

Massive power spike indicates massive power usage, however initial scans are inconclusive at this distance. Will continue scan once Expeditionary team is within range of the anomaly.

Forwarded Report to ABC and CSO at Armored Brigade Headquarters.

Adrian Cadwallader - Post Expedition Report

MAC continues to perform above expectations, self initiating and dedicated are but a few of the words I could use to describe this Android. I expected MAC to work diligently but its eye for detail is beyond anything one could expect. Despite its relative height it is able to inspect every nook and cranny on the Striker and even located a GPS Tracker in the most obscure areas.

Per MAC’s report we are on schedule for our departure time, infact we are ahead of schedule since I assigned MAC with Quartermaster Duties. His diligence has placed us ahead of schedule by over twelve hours.

I can’t say I’m not nervous for the coming mission, what if it leads to nothing? In this case I am thankful to have MAC as the Android has already volunteered to venture into the unknown to ensure its safe to proceed. But I feel guilty. Why does MAC act the way it does? Who programs a machine to be so selfless and yet its a combat unit, its been built to serve, to be diligent and to kill. And yet he is 1 of over 500 such units, scattered across who knows where. What could we do if we found more of him, five, ten , a hundred…

We’re they all built the same? Programmed the same? Hopefully they are and maybe we could save ourselves…

I never doubted that humanity is doomed, Tutera is dead, even if we reversed the desertification what then? All the animals are gone, planet life more so, eventually what’s left of our ragged atmosphere will fade and the vacuum of space will finish us off.

Enough doom though, our mission is to enter the Gate and see where it leads. We won’t fail if it leads somewhere, we will go and assess and return. With good news I hope.

Can't Stop the Press! - Amanda M. Reporter

All those years of combat training paid off! Now I am getting the opportunity to go on an expedition and I am going to record everything. This MAC-669’s Expedition data will be free to the press as well! The Armored Brigade have always been good folk and I admit I am a supporter of them over the other two only because they haven’t lied to the Public in any way I know of.

However this expedition could mean everything for Gargantia, for Every Dome hell every person still alive. Who knows what could be on the other side! Paradise? Hell? Heaven? A mix of all three?

I finally was able to meet this MAC in the flesh, so to speak, most of the time I caught glimpse of it speeding around or flying around the Dome! Of all things it is an absolute mystery to me as that Machine never stops moving around. I mean if I was a walking, talking, mechanic of a computer I would be active too. But it never STOPS. You people know what I mean. It is always doing something, even when it is sitting still it is perform complex works. Like the holotapes it made recently that the Armored Brigade released for improvements around the colony that the Citizens themselves could do! And within a week the colony is better, simple, minor adjustments to our routines and like magic things are better. Our dome maintenance is up, Supplies are holding and the air exchangers are working more efficiently then ever before I mean the air is far cleaner then before he appeared. MAC is truly a marvel.

Meeting it though was like talking to a person in a way. Courteous, Helpful, Patient and even Nurturing as it taught me the basic to advance functions of the Striker MK II. A truly remarkable truck despite it being a post Raider wreckage. I truly look forward to the days ahead.

For the Dome! Freedom of the Press! And Lets hope this anomaly doesn’t kill us all!


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