Sub-Inquisitor Sandra 'Valkyrie' Densen


Heavy Weapons expert, sporting a Laser Cannon and an Archaic Madison Light Machine gun. Armored with a chainsaw she is a devastating opponent. Able to break enemy formations and strike at enemy units from over 100 yards with near pin point accuracy.

She is also quite adept and fighting humans and creating explosive traps as a former Force Recon soldier.


Sandra Densen, orphan, born in the lower cities and exposed to the awfulness that only humanity could provide. She is a hardened survivor who learned at a young age how to detach herself from pain and suffering inflicted by herself against enemies.

Standing at an imposing 6’ 6" she towers over her fellow squad members and her heavy weapons make her a monstrous sight to behold. Her laser cannon mounted lightly with the heavy weapons harness and her Madison Light Machine gun slung near her waist. She has a shoulder length red hair as a Judicial soldier she follows protocol above all else. She is darkskinned, nearly completely pitch black from the overexposure to toxins in the lower cities slums and putrid air. She has heterochromia disease making one of her eyes brown while the other is a ruby red in color. The ruby red is from the exposure to toxins while she was younger as well, granting her low light vision in one eye only.

Sandra had been recently promoted when the phenomenon appeared and was among those who stood her ground despite the chaos that ensued. She took up position on the walls for defense and watched the strange nothing looking for anything to discern its true nature. She all but jumped at the opportunity to join the Expeditionary team on its first run at this Gateway or The Gate as many called it now. When she heard MAC was coming with she was overjoyed, though hid it well, as MAC was the reason she had such awesome combat armor and weapons to begin with. The helpful Android had restored it all to working function, provided her with holotapes for its usage and maintenance and even went so far as to help her suit up for the first time. The best friend a girl could have!

The Brigades finding of the strange Android had improved the Domes life across the board as the machine worked tirelessly. Even once it crashed in at the Judges headquarters for a quick system charge and the turnout of people to watch over it was astounding even to her. MAC quickly became the beloved Mascot of the dome and even to her.

Sub-Inquisitor Sandra 'Valkyrie' Densen

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