Amanda Marshall - Reporter for the Freeman's

Mechanical Specialist, Medic and Combat Utility Support


Cleric (uses technology instead of spells) (Machinesmith?)


Amanda Marshall was born in the former United States prior to the world’s degradation and systematic ecological collapse. She survived the fallout with her family, though sadly her entire family. Her husband and her parents, were killed during those horrific times and shortly thereafter she was held captive by raiders until she was eventually rescued by the Domes security forces. Because of her battered psyche the Dome saw fit to fit her with emotional controls in the form of cybernetic implants in her brain. Because of this she is able to manage her mental state due to the lack of stable drug supply and mood altering drugs in the Dome. Despite this medical procedure she remains a talented and incredible individual and surprisingly quick to lift spirits when the mood becomes dour.

Her primary classification is Medical Personnel, utilizing technological devices to administer first aid and injury prevention among squad members. She is accompanied by a robotic companion known as a Servitor which aids in her duties and in combat when needed. She primarily utilizes Close Quarter Combat weaponry and, when in doubt, short blades to bleed the enemy out with surgical precision. However her career speciality is reporting and investigation as a Republic Freedom Writer. Though her group is a minority it is quickly gaining strength in lieu of the three branches constant power struggle. Though she continues to hold the Armored Brigade in high regard for saving her in the past.

Standing at six foot one she sports a healthy body weight of around 160 lb’s thanks to the nutritional standards of the military. Sporting DD-cups and long legs and dexterous hands she is a very cute and buxom young woman at the age of 36. She suffers from an autoimmune disease known as Vitiligo which has nearly turned her skin completely pale white as it has progressed. The autoimmune has caused her hair and one eyebrow to go completely white as a result of it as well.

Amanda Marshall - Reporter for the Freeman's

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