Sergeant Adrian 'Adria' Cadwallader

Expedition Leader from Gargantia Dome




Named Adrian by her father as they were of the mindset, from an unclear ultrasound and was pleasantly surprised when he was born a she. Undaunted her father named her Adrian, calling her Adria, for short and when it became clear that due to environmental toxins his wife wouldn’t be able to bear another child he made sure that his daughter was set on the path to military leadership.

By the time she could stand she was already being subjected to multiple language tutors and a strict learning regime. By the time she started school she was able to speak four languages and was already able to do basic algebra. In middle school her Mother disappeared and her body was never found. Her father weathered her loss stoically and Adria found she had more than a few bodyguards trailing her everywhere she went. Members of the Armored Brigade no doubt. By the time of her high school years she had long been deemed a child prodigy and before she graduated a rare and incurable cancer took her father’s life. Though the stubborn soldier fought it bitterly to the last shallow breath and on his deathbed he handed his daughter his will…

IN his will had a clear plan for her, already set in motion and would remain so so long as she wished to pursue it. Though he had regimented her life he had set her up for success and in his will found that she had a clear enemy she was facing. The Constitutional Commonwealth.

Those liars and backstabbers had tried to oust her father for years from his position and in his will she learned that a hitman had taken her mothers life. She was shielded from this as the hitman was still at large. As a parting gift he had made arrangements for her to work with the MAC-669 unit, an advanced robitic combat unit that had been found a few months ago and was now working tirelessly around the colony.

Having seen Mac around she made note of her father’s remaining wishes and when he breathed his last she tearfully departed from his side. This too was his wish. Do not linger, they will come for you tonight… She made straight for where MAC-669 was located and luckily she had as she found her entire security detail was missing from the moment she stepped from the hospital. Armed with her fathers trusted sidearm she made it to MAC just as the hitmen took their shot to end her. She took a bullet in the shoulder before her call brought MAC barreling down the street to her aid. In a matter of minutes fifteen men were dead and Mac stood burned and broken from explosive rounds, laser rounds and small arms fire.

It was then that Adria saw something incredible in that machine, how it came to her aid like a reckless friend and as she sat there bleeding from a bullet MAC even came to bandage up her wounds. An act she never forgot. She bears the bullet wound in her right shoulder to this day, a scar to remind her of her brush with death but with MAC at her side few dare make an attempt on her life as MAC was adept at intercepting even a snipers bullet. For the last few months she has attended an officers training academy and was recently released when she was given command of the Expeditionary Team. When Debrief she saw this as a great chance to prove that her fathers legacy wasn’t for nothing.

Sergeant Adrian 'Adria' Cadwallader

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