Saress Ren - Government Agent

Syndicate Solider - Hitwoman


Little is known of Saress Ren, other then she is unnervingly quiet and bears an intensity that makes less confident people turn and move away. Quickly.

Saress Ren’s story is actually quite simple, she was born in the dome and at a young age realized the futility of the entire thing. Waiting to die, cooped up in the dome with nowhere to go if the shell failed. They’d starve long before their air filtration completely failed and when it did those that lived with slowly suffocate because they were too weak to survive without their luxuries.

She despised the Armored Brigade and the Judges for their foolishness of bring a sense of normalcy to the dome, a sense of peace when all should be natural and violent. Saress Ren is violent, calculating and meticulous. The perfect image of a Government agent and she performs her assignments to the letter without a shred of effort more then needed to accomplish the task.

Saress Ren - Government Agent

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