Tutera's Rise

Sub-Inquisitor Expeditionary Log

At the behest of the order I am to accompany the Expeditionary team and ensure justice is upheld if something actually lies on the other side of this Gate.

Until then my inital summary of this group is mixed.

Saress Ren – Bears watching, she reeks of blood to me and I do not trust her. Her backers are even more the reason for my heightened wariness of her presence. If she so much as tries to move on us I will kill her without hesitation or regret.

Amanda Marshall – Broken and fake. It is obvious that she suffered deep trauma, her history is brutal and she is a survivor. Though she has performed great works I found my trust in her lacking. If she doesn’t run from the first fight I will be proven wrong until then I believe her to be a coward and a liar.

Adrian Cadwallader – Her last name calls her a Wall and I hope she lives upto the name of her parents. They were immovable like a stone and so far I am not disappointed in her preparations. Though where the tires meet the road will we know the rub. I pray she doesn’t disappoint me.

MAC-669 – A fascinating machine and dedicated as expected. Nothing else to add, its an Android and does as its is told or programmed to.



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