Tutera's Rise

MAC-669 Initial Post Expedition Summary

Server FSCO:


After examining the supplies located and disarmed a GPS Tracking that was attached to the undercarriage of Striker MK II LAT.

Supplies are as requested and untampered with, initial scanning indicate GPS Tracker is only aberration in setup.

Fuel is of approximate density and weight for optimal runtime and engine efficiency in Striker.

Striker is secure, run time of 12 hours showed no leaks in engine housing or failure to perform 6 part air exchange rate for optimal HVAC needs for occupants.

Completed Minor upgrade to reinforce and expand occupant housing in the even of having to use the Striker for cover at night.

Sergeant Adria has confirmed supply quantities and initial tampering report.

initial summary of Gate Phenomenon:

Massive power spike indicates massive power usage, however initial scans are inconclusive at this distance. Will continue scan once Expeditionary team is within range of the anomaly.

Forwarded Report to ABC and CSO at Armored Brigade Headquarters.



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