Tutera's Rise

Can't Stop the Press! - Amanda M. Reporter

All those years of combat training paid off! Now I am getting the opportunity to go on an expedition and I am going to record everything. This MAC-669’s Expedition data will be free to the press as well! The Armored Brigade have always been good folk and I admit I am a supporter of them over the other two only because they haven’t lied to the Public in any way I know of.

However this expedition could mean everything for Gargantia, for Every Dome hell every person still alive. Who knows what could be on the other side! Paradise? Hell? Heaven? A mix of all three?

I finally was able to meet this MAC in the flesh, so to speak, most of the time I caught glimpse of it speeding around or flying around the Dome! Of all things it is an absolute mystery to me as that Machine never stops moving around. I mean if I was a walking, talking, mechanic of a computer I would be active too. But it never STOPS. You people know what I mean. It is always doing something, even when it is sitting still it is perform complex works. Like the holotapes it made recently that the Armored Brigade released for improvements around the colony that the Citizens themselves could do! And within a week the colony is better, simple, minor adjustments to our routines and like magic things are better. Our dome maintenance is up, Supplies are holding and the air exchangers are working more efficiently then ever before I mean the air is far cleaner then before he appeared. MAC is truly a marvel.

Meeting it though was like talking to a person in a way. Courteous, Helpful, Patient and even Nurturing as it taught me the basic to advance functions of the Striker MK II. A truly remarkable truck despite it being a post Raider wreckage. I truly look forward to the days ahead.

For the Dome! Freedom of the Press! And Lets hope this anomaly doesn’t kill us all!



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