Tutera's Rise

Adrian Cadwallader - Post Expedition Report

MAC continues to perform above expectations, self initiating and dedicated are but a few of the words I could use to describe this Android. I expected MAC to work diligently but its eye for detail is beyond anything one could expect. Despite its relative height it is able to inspect every nook and cranny on the Striker and even located a GPS Tracker in the most obscure areas.

Per MAC’s report we are on schedule for our departure time, infact we are ahead of schedule since I assigned MAC with Quartermaster Duties. His diligence has placed us ahead of schedule by over twelve hours.

I can’t say I’m not nervous for the coming mission, what if it leads to nothing? In this case I am thankful to have MAC as the Android has already volunteered to venture into the unknown to ensure its safe to proceed. But I feel guilty. Why does MAC act the way it does? Who programs a machine to be so selfless and yet its a combat unit, its been built to serve, to be diligent and to kill. And yet he is 1 of over 500 such units, scattered across who knows where. What could we do if we found more of him, five, ten , a hundred…

We’re they all built the same? Programmed the same? Hopefully they are and maybe we could save ourselves…

I never doubted that humanity is doomed, Tutera is dead, even if we reversed the desertification what then? All the animals are gone, planet life more so, eventually what’s left of our ragged atmosphere will fade and the vacuum of space will finish us off.

Enough doom though, our mission is to enter the Gate and see where it leads. We won’t fail if it leads somewhere, we will go and assess and return. With good news I hope.



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