“When the skies filled with ash and the cities went dark. People soon forgot about the beautiful places that once existed mere days before. But they didn’t care. They were too busy dying.”
― Unknown

Tutera is a world in a rapidly decaying state due to the fallout of a Worldwide War. No one remembers who fired the first shot and its been nearly fifty years since the ash filled the skies, nuclear winter sent survivors hiding and the domes were completed. Now, little by little the few remaining bastions of humanity are failing, the domes were a temporary solution to a problem beyond the scope of the survivors of the world. Without the technology to reverse the rapid desertification currently affecting the planet. Along with the Ice Age like conditions now prevalent on the surface of Tetura.

The planet surface rarely rises above 0 Celsius and plummets to -35 Celsius at night in most areas, at higher altitudes the temperature drops as low as -45 Celsius, which with the prevailing storm winds that scream across the plains the windchill makes it nearly unlivable outside the protective domes.

Raiders and unlucky survivors outside the domes eke out a living by taking whatever they can find, burning it and pillaging or scavenging to continue to drag out living one more day.

Tutera's Rise